Grubz Sweet Potatoes Cereal with Basil

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You can relax with the Grubz in your baby’s tummy, Grubz Sweet Potatoes cereal with Basil is a powerhouse of nutrients! It tastes amazing, aroma is lit and contains nourishment for growth. Guaranteed snuggles after gobbles. It’s perfect for weaning your baby from 6 months upwards.

It comes in a food grade pouch which is resealable and can also be reused.

Benefits: Great for sleep and proper bowel movement

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, groundnuts, soya beans, moringa, basil.

Major nutrients: Fiber, protein, vitamin A, tryptophan, carbohydrate, calcium

Cooking Time: 3-5 minutes
Allergies: Contains nuts and soy
Texture: Smooth
Sweetened: No

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